Review: Time On My Hands (knitting e-book)

My fellow knitting designer Becky Herrick recently gave me a copy of her e-book, Time On My Hands.

The book is a single PDF containing nine patterns for gloves (some with fingers and some without); eight of the patterns can be purchased as individual PDFs, but the ninth is available only in the collection.

The presentation is amazing. The layout and photography are excellent, and each pattern has a clock motif in the corner of the page (drawn either by hand or computer, I couldn’t tell!), which I found utterly charming. The gloves themselves are lovely, with a nice variety and clear, easy-to-follow instructions.

teatimeI had intended to knit Tea Time (pictured at left) for myself to go with this review, but, um. I kind of got stuck on yarn choice. I love Shelter, the yarn the pattern calls for, but it comes in too many pretty colors and anyway I am not supposed to be buying yarn and so before I knew it I’d waited too long and had no gloves to show.

Please do not allow my inability to plan well to dissuade you from this book. Here, I will get the review back on track.

In short: this is an excellent e-book and you should buy it if you have any interest at all in knitting gloves.

But wait! Before you buy it, comment on this post to enter to win a copy! Just answer this multiple choice question: Do you prefer gloves, mittens, or fingerless gloves?