Watching: The Gates should probably be called Inhuman Monsters Are White People Too, but I suppose the title they went with is a bit snappier.

The show is silly and rather enjoyable but the lack of diversity is really horrible. Yeah, yeah, it’s an upper class gated community. Those are usually white, right? LAME. There is no excuse for defaulting white in fantasy.

Reading: nope.

Making: nada.

Busy couple of days. Very little October-ing.

…and nonsense.


Watching: Hey, did you know X Files is on netflix? IT SURE IS. Last night we fell asleep re-watching the best episode ever, Bad Blood.

Reading: Still nothing, because I was sidetracked writing my own story. I expected it to be horror but it surprised me and ended up as noir.

Making: I finished Foxy but it’s huge for Grace. Trying to decide whether to rip it out or make do. I have time to reknit it but I am very very lazy.

Not much to report.


Watching: Friday night we didn’t watch anything, because it was our gaming night. Last night we watched Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (also on Netflix!), and it was wonderful. (I maaaaaaaay have fallen asleep near the end, but that was not a reflection on the movie! I swear! I’m just so tired.)

Reading: I stopped by the library yesterday afternoon and picked up a copy of The Restless Dead, a horror anthology with a majority of lady authors that I am very excited to read. I will report back.


Making: after playing musical chairs with the needles for all of my current knitting projects, I am working on the foxy hat. Grace has given me very clear directions on how the rest of the costume is to look (white belly, white and red tail, red everywhere else) so I will be essentially recreating her wolf costume from two years ago, in different colors.

T minus 28


Watching: the first episode of the original television series The Twilight Zone, “Where Is Everybody?”

Despite being a total sausage fest (literally the only woman involved in many manner was a mannequin), I love this. I’ve seen several episodes of The Twilight Zone in various incarnations, but somehow never this one–at least not that I remember.


Making: foxy! I found some Malabrigo Rios that I think will be perfect, leftover from Dorothy and another (not yet published) hat pattern. I just need to liberate the right size needles and we’ll be good to go!

Reading: Tales of Eventide, the creepy town that’s shown up on my husband’s blog. Start here.

Review and Giveaway: Kung Fu Knits


Okay, I love this book. It is a knitting-themed comic book with knitting patterns, or maybe a knitting pattern book with a comic.

The comic book portion is super cute. It has great illustrations–not too complicated (I hate distracting stuff in comics) but with tons of detail (I hate lack of detail too, which makes me difficult to please). But am I its intended audience? I asked my children to come read it with me. Sam, who is eight, read Liam’s dialogue, and I read Elizabeth’s. Grace (four) was disappointed that there is no little girl, but she loved the hedge dragon. Sam couldn’t believe how quickly it was over.

“AWWW. That’s IT? I wish there was MORE!”

Well, there you have it. Kung Fu Knits is kid-tested and mom-approved.

The patterns are straight-forward and relatively easy, with clear directions. These projects are not for a true novice, but an adventurous beginner with all basic knitting skills mastered could manage. At the same time, there is enough going on that I would happily knit one of the projects without fear of getting bored. (After all, Gilmore Girls is on Netflix. I am going to keep mentioning that until I have time to watch all seven seasons.)

I am giving away a copy of the e-book. To enter, just leave a comment on this post by next Wednesday, October 8th. You can comment about anything, but if you need a topic, how about your favorite martial arts movie? Please include your email address and/or Ravelry username so Elizabeth can send the book to the winner.

If you just can’t wait to get a copy:

Kung Fu Knits is available for digital download for $9.95 at Ravelry or in paperback for $15.95 at Cooperative Press (comes with the digital download). I believe it will be on Amazon soon as well, though you will not get the digital download with the paperback if you purchase there.

I also have a discount code that’s good for any of Elizabeth’s self-published patterns: you can use the code kfklaunch for 15% off.

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It begins.


October is here.

Watching: well, Gilmore Girls is on Netflix as of today, and I’ve never seen season 7, so it’s going to be verrrrrry difficult for me to talk myself into watching anything seasonal. Let’s see how it goes.

Reading: A Scream Away From Someone by Deirdre Sullivan. Lovely, haunting, just barely horror. My favorite kind.

Making: Grace wants a fox costume, so I am looking over my yarn stash in hopes of some nice orange for Foxy & Wolfie.

Obsession: Vikings

Last summer, I did a favor for my friend Bristol while she was visiting Iceland. As thanks, she sent me two skeins of beautiful Icelandic wool yarn, one a natural undyed black and one a stunning natural dye blue. I had no idea what to do with them, but kept them safely tucked away as they are very special.

love story pair

This past spring, Will and I agreed that for next year’s renaissance faire, we need Viking clothing. I have an apron dress that my sister made for me for Halloween when Sam was two, but I’ve, um, grown a bit since then.


HE WAS SO TINY. I can sew a new dress, of course, and I still have the brooches my sister’s ex made for me (they are not visible in the photo, so let me assure you that they look exactly like copper boobs). Sam’s tunic is too small for Grace to wear, but that is okay because I want to make her a girl’s costume. I think I will make the apron dress in two pieces with ties at the side so that it can grow with her.

Because it is regularly over 100° at the ren faire, I plan to make everything out of linen, and wear only one underlayer. I am planning an alternate, long-sleeved overdress, because reasons, but will not likely wear that at the faire. Unrelated, I am planning to make myself a linen Scout tee, and may see how I like the apron dress over a short layer instead of a long one.

Also in spite of the weather, I plan to make outer layers for all of us. Wool wraps for the boys, a cloak for Grace and a kaftan coat for me. I am planning to use the Icelandic wool from Bristol for all (or at least some) of my embroidery needs.

Now that my sewing area is nearly ready to go, I will hopefully have pictures to share as I work. In the meantime you can see all of my inspiration here.

By the way, I finished Beautiful Wreck, immediately read it again, and then made my husband read it. It is my favorite. I have a lot more to say but maybe in another post.

Things We Got Done Yesterday (Part One)

Most of the time (like, 85% maybe?) I am a hot mess. But every so often I buckle down and get shit done.

Since we rearranged our apartment, I have been trying to figure out how to make the most of my sewing area, which is basically a hallway between the stairs and our bed.

This is basically what I had to work with:

sewing side

Kind of a mess. (Also a shitty photo taken in bad lighting. Sorry.) In that space, from far to near: filing cabinet, which may eventually serve as additional storage for large sewing supplies such as poly-fil; sewing table (that’s my sewing machine to the left of my coffee, under an excellent fabric cover I made); fabric shelf, originally used for diaper storage when Grace was a baby; pile of stuff to deal with including knitting pattern samples and approximately one million buttons); also a yellow bucket overflowing with fabric scraps and my garment steamer.

The fabric shelves and the various piles under the sewing table are full of unused fabric, unfinished projects, and old items to take apart for reusing fabric. Also I think there is some mending in there. I don’t know because I can’t get at it.

Most of my sewing notions (scissors, thread, measuring tapes) are downstairs. Which obviously doesn’t work. A skater posted to the roller derby boards that she had some furniture to sell, including a super-cute nightstand with some drawers. It was only a foot wide so I grabbed it up (and she gave it to me for free, just for taking it off her hands!) and put it next to the sewing table to hold some of those things.

I also hung some storage.

Will drilled holes in Mason jar lids and screwed them onto the underside of a shelf.

He hung the shelf and I put some stuff on it.

I hung an Ikea bucket thingy (I have no idea what to call it) and some pictures.

With Sam and Grace’s help, I sorted all of my buttons by color and stored them in the jars.

I still need to sort the notions from downstairs into the buckets and the nightstand. And I need another way to store the stuff I rarely use, like pattern samples. Maybe once I get rid of my old skinny clothes I can store them under our bed.

And then I need to start working through the project backlog. Yikes.

An Extremely Premature Book Review

(Bear with me.)

So, I was never able to get into Outlander. It was so boring that I never got to the time travel stuff. I couldn’t even figure out that’s where it was going. I had to look it up on wikipedia, in an effort to figure out why the hell everyone else I knew had enjoyed the damn thing. And seriously, my response was pure incredulity.

All of that nothing was leading up to time travel?!?!?!

It was with some apprehension that I picked up Larissa Brown’s Beautiful Wreck, another historic/time traveling sci-fi romance novel. I am acquainted with the author, who is also a knitwear designer. I am friendly with her publisher. The reviews of the book are outstanding across the board (well, nearly across the board; there are two negative reviews on Amazon that appear to be written by people who didn’t finish reading the book, which I consider cheating).

I have read something like 1% of the book. There hasn’t been any time travel yet. But I am SO IN LOVE WITH IT. Every word flows so perfectly that it is hard to believe I am reading science-fiction. The world is nothing like mine, and I understand it perfectly but haven’t even noticed it being described.

With Outlander, I lost interest before the main plot device. With Beautiful Wreck, I don’t even care if we ever get to the main plot device. I am just along for the ride.