Hi. I’m Annika. (It rhymes with Monica.)

I started this blog in August, 2002, and originally called it Sick Boy: My Life as a Good Girl. (Yeah, I don’t know either.) I changed it to Scratching at the 8-ball for a while, and then to Through the Looking Glass, which remained its name until December, 2014, when I impulsively updated to a slightly more obscure Alive In Wonderland reference. I change the tagline every few months, but it usually goes unnoticed.

I’m a full-time mom. Sam was born in May 2006 and Grace in December 2009. Starting NOW, you are on your own to calculate their ages. They are home schooled.

I’m a part-time referee for women’s banked track roller derby. My derby name is Anna Mean Gables, and I’m with the Enforcers of the Los Angeles Derby Dolls.

I design knitting patterns. You can see those at Noir Knits.

I sew stuff. Some of it is for sale on etsy.

I write stories occasionally. Some of them are on this blog. Some of them are elsewhere. Most of them live unfinished on my hard drive.

I sometimes write web copy for money.

I have been thanked in the acknowledgments of half a dozen books and one short film. This required no effort whatsoever on my part, but I consider it a pretty good accomplishment.

I do not want your press release. If you work in a field other than marketing, or want send me a personal email, I can be reached at noirbettie@gmail.com.

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