Life List

Fifty (or so) things to do in this lifetime

  1. Fire a gun. DONE, July 18, 2009.
  2. Learn to ride a Vespa.
  3. Give blood.
  4. Write a novel.
  5. Renew my passport and use it.
  6. Go on a road trip the length of Route 66.
  7. Drink a bottle of wine that costs more than my age at the time.
  8. Hike the Devil’s Chair.
  9. Have a honeymoon.
  10. Go to cooking school in Sicily.
  11. And go here.
  12. See the Northern Lights.
  13. Go for a ride in a hot air balloon.
  14. Take the Coast Starlight train up to Seattle.
  15. Learn to belly dance.
  16. Spend a whole day at a spa.
  17. Go camping (in a tent!) with my family.
  18. Drive more than 100 miles per hour (preferably legally).
  19. Take Sam to see his first movie in the theater. DONE, May 23, 2010, TOY STORY 3.
  20. Take Sam to his first concert.
  21. See Sam off to his first concert sans-parent.
  22. Drink a margarita in Mexico.
  23. Drink rum (or possibly just beer) in the Virgin Islands.
  24. Eat bread and cheese in France.
  25. Eat pizza in Italy.
  26. Play Dungeons & Dragons.
  27. Tour the Guinness brewery and drink a pint.
  28. While I’m in the neighborhood, visit the Bushmills distillery.
  29. Take a Laura Ingalls Wilder tour of the U.S. and see her house in Mansfield and Almanzo’s family farm in Malone.
  30. Spin in circles on top of a mountain while singing “The Hills Are Alive.”
  31. Sleep on a boat.
  32. Go to a Dodgers game and sit in the good seats.
  33. See the other three oceans.
  34. Bake bread. (Seriously, how have I never done this?) DONE, September 22, 2009
  35. Get tattoos of my children’s zodiac symbols.
  36. Marry Will for a third time. Or, to be more mundane, renew our vows.
  37. Teach someone to knit. DONE, February 27, 2010.
  38. Enter a writing contest (or apply for a grant, or a fellowship, or something similar).
  39. Go to a drive-in movie theater and watch a double feature. DONE, May 15, 2009.
  40. Go to a strip club and get a lap dance (bonus points if I am pregnant at the time).
  41. Visit Niagara Falls (U.S. and Canadian sides).
  42. Eat vegetarian dim sum in Chinatown (NYC) with Nova.
  43. Dye my hair blue.
  44. Serve a proper high tea, with everything made from scratch.
  45. Enter my knitting in competition at the county fair.
  46. Learn to can, make jam, preserve some fresh food. (This one is deliberately vague, as it will be farmer’s market dependent.)
  47. See the Grand Canyon.
  48. Learn the Thriller Dance (and maybe the Hammer Dance too).
  49. Make ice cream.
  50. Make a movie.
  51. Make mayonnaise.
  52. Dress head-to-toe in clothes I made (exception for shoes, undergarments).
  53. Attend the roller derby. DONE, October 2, 2010
  54. Learn to fly an airplane.
  55. Get my teeth fixed.
  56. Learn how to darn socks.
  57. Take a sword fighting lesson.
  58. Host a writer’s retreat.
  59. Decorate my home to really reflect who I am, or better yet who I want to be.
  60. Design the costumes for a film.
  61. Host a craft night (or day) on a regular basis.
  62. Attend a sing-along (Sound of Music? Grease?) at the Hollywood Bowl.
  63. Pose for a boudoir photo shoot, by Laura Boyd or someone with similar sensibilities.
  64. Go to Disneyland.
  65. Compete in the Warrior Dash.

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