I like to take photographs. Sometimes I am pretty good at it.

A real portfolio page is (hopefully) coming soon. In the meantime, here are some of my favorites from previous posts on this here blog.

dontwalk545.jpg 4458.jpg Fetching. Sam and Will

Eamon, Eden Will and Sam Chateau Laurier library day

Sam Eden & Sam sam4840 sam5320blog

pinwheels Sam Sheriff Badges LAFD ambulance

deepcreek5516blog deepcreek5559blog deepcreek5560blog deepcreek5561blog

deepcreek5467blog deepcreek5587blog deepcreek5546blog lacf5781blog

nanogloves5 sam6272blog sam6352blog sam6389blog

sam5393blog sam100306 sam060306 sam7400-1blog

sam7412-1blog vasquezloop sam7450blog vasquez-yellowflowers

vasquez-ladybugs easter09flowers sam3rdbirthdayblog vasquez8669blog

sam9008blog sam8998blog sam8997blog sam8996blog

autry9859blog sam4669blog sam0239blog grace0136blog

sam0655blog grace0607blog sam0536blog grace-7weeks

sam0897blog grace1212blog sam1173blog grace1105blog

grace1125blog sam1374blog grace-kimono-blog grace1787blog

grace2874blog sam3278blog sg3214blog grace3641blog

sg0935blog sg0675blog grace-emmett nola5720


IMG_9695   IMG_9696

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