Little New York

I’ve been to Fox several times. I’ve seen screenings there, I’ve visited a certain guy who works there… but I’ve never set foot on the New York streets that make up part of the lot. You’d know them if you saw them. I mean, they look like New York. They look more like New York than New York does, because they look like movie New York.

I grew up in New York. I can tell the difference most of the time.

Today Grace wanted to walk in Little New York and we did and I freaked out. IT WAS JUST LIKE BEING IN NEW YORK. It felt like New York.

I mean, except that the only traffic was a studio golf cart.

One thought on “Little New York

  1. Lucas

    December 4, 2011 at 11:36pm

    Did you shout at the golf cart that you were in fact walking here?

    You should have.

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