12 years ago, I was in a hurricane.

In 1999, Will and I moved to upstate New York, near Hudson. We lived on the second floor of a farmhouse. Three weeks after we moved in, Hurricane Floyd hit the eastern seaboard. According to wikipedia, Floyd was a category 4 hurricane, which is pretty serious business.

My memory of Floyd:

it rained.

Will’s memory of Floyd:

severe winds, downed trees, and the impetus for writing post-apocalyptic stories.


Irene, a category 2 hurricane, is expected to hit New York (among other places) today. I hope it’s closer to my memory of Floyd than Will’s.

One thought on “12 years ago, I was in a hurricane.

  1. oslowe

    August 30, 2011 at 1:43pm

    creatively, Floyd was a good hurricane for me.

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