Today I was going to knit.

I don’t want to shock anyone, but I kind of have a lot of knitting projects going right now.


Today’s plan, however, was for a specific project. I am taking Annie Modesitt’s online class, Knitted Millinery, and I have not yet started the hat! I finally got the yarn I need for it on Thursday and intended to devote today to catching up.

But first I needed to do the grocery shopping. I brought Grace with me, and we had a lovely time at the farmer’s market, and running around the Arclight courtyard, and at Trader Joe’s, and eating a burrito together at Los Burritos (which was her idea, I swear). She is very funny lately, and such good company.

When we got home, Sam asked me for pasta. Which I hadn’t bought. So he and I went back out for pasta. We also stopped at the bank so I could deposit some checks, and at the market we went down every aisle. He has such a definite idea of how he wants everything to be at all times, which can be infuriating and leads to many clashes of personality, but today it was just fun. (Welll, except for a brief meltdown when he wanted to get into the shopping cart by pushing the front part up–you know, the part that folds up when the carts are pushed together? Yeah, he wanted to go through there and it was too heavy for him to hold up. I got scared and yelled, but we resolved the whole thing with a huge hug.)

And then Will and I went out for dinner and to browse at the Apple store. (I had grilled artichoke and a salad, he had calamari and steak tacos. We decided to buy the iMac now and save some money toward an iPad–which ideally we will get in a few months–so I can have something portable.)

I did not knit one single stitch today. Not ONE! But I had a date with each of my beloveds.

It was so good.

3 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. Amy

    March 14, 2011 at 5:15pm

    Totally thought this would be something else. (Yes, I guess I’m back on that again.)

  2. Annika

    March 14, 2011 at 5:24pm

    You’re not the only one. Apparently I need to think my post titles through a bit better.

  3. Anne

    March 18, 2011 at 7:39pm

    Woooo hooooo for date time with everyone! I envy you – in a good way :)

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