Funny Things That Happened Today

1. Goodreads suggested that I might know Will in Los Angeles.

2. A guy on the bus said something to his girlfriend about how what I was doing (knitting) was l like origami (I really wish I had caught all of that one).

3. Um. I know there were more than two.

4. Okay, this is not exactly funny, but Grace can now stand unassisted, and is getting very good at walking with her wagon. She has about a week and a half to take her first steps if she wants to do it younger than Sam did (I would prefer that she not, but I don’t seem to get a vote).

5. When I got on the bus home, I noted that it was an express, but then it made all local stops. Until the stop before mine, when it started running express. So I had to backtrack a little, which was actually fine. I made up for it by purchasing beer.

6. Seriously, I know there was more.

One thought on “Funny Things That Happened Today

  1. Annika

    November 11, 2010 at 3:06pm

    I remembered one! A lady who didn’t speak much English scolded me for not knowing any Spanish. Well, sort of. It was hard to fully understand her meaning, and I don’t think it was mean-spirited or anything. And actually, it seemed funny at the time but now it is just depressing me. I should know some Spanish.

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