Art: failure to create

I was supposed to make art today. I had a photo shoot scheduled for a pattern I’m hoping to sell. The deadline is Friday and something I needed arrived yesterday. Tomorrow we planned to go to the county fair. It was today or nothing. Talk about waiting until the last minute!

SPOILER: the shoot did not happen.

The kids and I made it three blocks before I pulled into a gas station because something was wrong with the car. I thought the tire was low on air AGAIN, and it was. In fact, it was flat. Not fill it up with air flat, but D.E.A.D. flat. Oh fucking hell. So I got out the jack and the lug wrench. In college I taught a few other girls how to change their own tires, as part of some feminism 101 thingy. So even though it’s been like 12 years since I’ve changed one, I felt pretty certain I could manage it.

I could not even figure out how the fucking wrench worked, let alone get the lug nuts to budge. So I had to pull around into the service station next door and pay them $10 I did not have to put on the spare for me. Even though I know logically that it’s the fault of those fucking pneumatic wrenches (or whatever they use), it was embarrassing!

That got me home, where I called Will and we had a quick consultation about money, the end result of which was that I researched where to get tires and called them. I was told to drive over so we did. Thankfully it was only $100 to replace both front tires. Sam had a ball watching the guys work, and Grace charmed everyone.

Then we drove to the store and bought a tremendous amount of beer.

And tomorrow I will do the photo shoot, and we will go to the fair this weekend instead.

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