Art: Republic Pictures

Today we went to the Republic Pictures 75th Anniversary Event, which was pretty cool.

Well, actually. It was not cool at all. It was about 100 degrees. We lasted just two hours, and that’s with about 45 minutes in the air conditioned screening room (watching Zorro serials).

I think the event would have been a gazillion times more enjoyable for Sam if the trick horses hadn’t been too overheated to perform. Between the heat and a touch of boredom, he was ready to go pretty quickly. If only there had been more set up indoors instead of in the direct sun! But they couldn’t have known it would be this hot when they were planning.

Anyway. The event made me think about the studio it honored, which made a lot of westerns.

The oaters are (in my humble opinion) a large part of the reason people think they hate westerns. They were formulaic and compared to modern (like, 1960s forward) movies they look pretty bad. But I do love them! They were art not only in and of themselves (which I understand is arguable) but most of all because of what came after. Westerns were the template for movies in general! Three cheers for the western!

I will probably write a bit more about this for 200 Westerns. (That poor website is so neglected. I wish we knew just what to do with it. I love the concept so much! But a girl can only focus on so many projects at one time.)

I also have some things to say about serials. Tomorrow, perhaps!

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