Kids Clothing Week

It’s Kids Clothing Week at Elsie Marley!

kids-clothes-week-button2 My goals are not very lofty. In fact, all I really want to do is finish the kimonos I cut out last summer. I am very nervous about whether they will fit Sam and Grace after so much time has gone by, and I just want them done so I can find out! (I am not at all nervous about Dolly’s fitting.) If I manage to finish those with time left over, I want to make summer pajamas, a belt for Sam, and bloomers for Grace. And if I finish all THAT, I have a stack of vintage dress patterns and some pretty fabric. After all, I have a girl now so I must make girly clothing.

kids-clothes-week-button Because I don’t seem to have much luck getting sewing done, and because I always have something on the needles, I’ve got some kids clothing knitting going as well. A pair of Leapfrog pants for Sam and a Little Sister’s Dress for Grace.

But I’m also thinking that maybe it is time to assert myself and make my sewing space work better for me. I have the table now, and I have a desk. I have a cabinet for fabric. How do I make these things work together? Seems like it should be easy.

My plan is to just get rid of the other furniture. I’m sure no one will notice or mind.

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