Insomnia: Do not want.

Sam climbed into bed with me around midnight and spent the next two hours whimpering and kicking. It eventually woke Will up, and he suggested I move Sam to the middle of the bed so we’d both sleep better. Only doing so woke me up enough that I eventually had to get up because it was that or wake the boys up by crying over how uncomfortable I was.

I really hate this part of pregnancy. It makes no sense whatsoever for the last month or two leading up to the birth to be this sleep-deprived. Not to mention sore–the extra weight and pressure on my pelvis is starting to make everything else difficult.

Today is a day to be thankful, but I’m going to need to be grouchy for a bit first.

2 thoughts on “Insomnia: Do not want.

  1. theletterkae

    November 26, 2009 at 1:26pm

    Be thankful you’ve got your blog to vent on, otherwise I’m sure someone will get a dinner roll thrown at them during the course of this stressful day. :) (At least that would be me flinging food – I haven’t grown up yet in that area.)

    Also, it’s okay to be grouchy on holidays. I think it’s an embedded tradition that no one mentions.

  2. Rachel

    November 28, 2009 at 8:36am

    Worst part of pregnancy. I had insomnia the whole time. And though you are sore, you are pretty damn cute pregnant. You got that going for ya’.

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