WTF, man. WTF.

So, I’m 33 weeks pregnant. And, er, one day. But who’s counting.

I weigh less than I did at 33 weeks with Sam, which is awesome since I started out a few pounds heavier (but in much better shape overall). My wedding rings still fit. I can even squeeze into my smaller maternity pants, but I don’t because it hurts my belly. But my hips fit, and that is amazing!

When the baby moves around (and it moves around a lot), it is sometimes more painful than it was last time. Not worrisome pain so much as surprise! Roundhouse kick to the side of the uterus! Fall over now, Mama! pain. I’m pretty sure Sam was more settled at this point, but of course I could be totally wrong. Wait, I checked my blog and he was mostly head down, though still quite active. Obviously I can’t see inside to be sure, but this guy is not mostly in any position, at least not for more than 20 minutes at a time. We might have to name it Trouble.

I sent Vicki a semi-hysterical “OMG I need a blog redesign” email and she replied, pointing out that I had the same panic when I was pregnant with Sam. Hmm. She might be onto something. It’s virtual nesting. Excellent.

Speaking of nesting, this place is a dump. I had a list of stuff to do before Otter gets here and I don’t think I’ve done any of it. I might be in need of some normal nesting. If I could just get a nap first…

3 thoughts on “WTF, man. WTF.

  1. Anne

    November 19, 2009 at 10:33am

    Naps, naps the musical fruit, the more you take, the more you . . . wait, wait, that’s not right :)

    YAY for nesting of all kinds – and for active, in utero beebs – that is one of the things I really miss about being pregnant (not the ow, holy s**t, oh my god, I can’t breathe because I think his foot is stuck in my ribs kind of beeb moving around pain, but the feeling of them just moving and being inside of you. Just miraculous, really :)

  2. Amy T (Graco)

    November 19, 2009 at 11:31am

    We’re due around the same time. It’s my second and I’ve done very little to prepare for Cookie’s arrival. I think my BTDT attitude is getting the best of me. The physical discomfort and tiredness isn’t helping either :)

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