But If You Must, Also Do This.

Another timeline for you.

  • 11:00–“Sam, do you want to go get Daddy?”
  • 11:00:01–Sam, who is completely naked, has the door unlocked and is ready to leave.
  • 11:01–get Sam dressed, check flight status, et cetera.
  • 11:20–drive to Burbank.
  • 12:10–Will gets into the car. Sam’s face nearly splits in two from smiling.
  • 12:11-12:20–Sam pretends to be mad at Daddy and won’t look at him if (he thinks) anyone can see him.
  • 12:21–Get lunch at Ernie’s. Sam happily sits at the table because Daddy is there.
  • The rest of the day–watch Sam follow his Dad around, happier than he’s been in two days. Watch Will totally and completely reciprocate.

Much better than Friday. I won’t even tell you about yesterday, because while it was mostly a good day I lost my patience with single parenting and spent the later part of the day feeling Very Sorry For Myself. If you’re my Twitter friend you got to witness some of it. Gross.

2 thoughts on “But If You Must, Also Do This.

  1. Swistle

    November 8, 2009 at 5:20pm

    Oh happy day that has happy boys in it!

  2. oslowe

    November 10, 2009 at 11:29am

    that was possibly the best lunch we’ve had at Ernie’s in 3 years.

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