Don’t Do This.

A Brief Time Line Of What Not To Do:

  • 4:00–Daddy comes home!
  • 4:30–everybody in the car!
  • 4:45–Sam falls asleep in the twilight.
  • 5:10–Sam wakes up because Daddy has gotten out of his seat and is kissing him.
  • 5:11–Sam begins yelling at me because I have driven away without Daddy.
  • 5:30–Sam stops yelling but tears keep welling up in his eyes.

Of course, one of the problems is that Sam is just not a kid who you can prepare ahead of time. He is very much in the now, so warning him that Daddy was leaving prior to, say, 4:00 (which is when I told him the plan) would have been useless. Another problem is that I think he simply did not believe me that Daddy was not coming home with us until he saw it.

I’m pretty sure he’s just fine now but I would like to avoid ever doing that again.

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