About an hour ago, I asked Twitter whether I should have split pea soup (homemade, left over from yesterday’s lunch) or ice cream for breakfast. In the first three minutes or so, about half a dozen people replied that I should have ice cream.

I had split pea soup. What can I say, I really like good food. Lest you worry, I did follow it up with a little ice cream. I offered some to Sam, but he is the only child on earth who hates chocolate ice cream. He tastes it every time I offer, because he knows that the Ben & Jerry’s carton means good things, but every time he makes a horrid face and won’t take any more.

Today, however, he did ask for Italian sausage instead. I wonder where he gets his tastes from.

3 thoughts on “foodies

  1. Lucretia

    September 4, 2009 at 11:41am

    I loathe chocolate ice cream. Italian sausage sounds utterly divine though. Where do you get it from?

    PS My mum and I were watching Jamie Oliver Tours LA … or something, and I totally thought of you. We were LOVING the fresh food you guys get.

  2. Annika

    September 4, 2009 at 11:45am

    I buy our sausage at Trader Joe’s, which is a discount gourmet grocery. I probably do about half my shopping there and the other half at the Sunday farmer’s market, where I actually saw Jamie Oliver a few months ago. I was shopping at a stall near where he was standing, and every time I turned around a different woman was talking to him. It was hilarious.

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