What we were up to before I tried to break the camera (unsuccessfully, I’m happy to say)

So yeah, it looks like the camera is going to be OK. Not great (I don’t think the screen will ever look right again, but it works well enough) but functional. It sounds like an old man when the lens extends, though. Creak, crack. We’ll be saving for a new one, but there’s no need to despair.

We took a walk on Friday and while we were walking I spotted something in the sky. Can you see it? Bottom third of the photo, dead center.


No? Let me zoom in a little.


Balloons! And what’s weird is, they seemed to be floating down instead of up. In fact, by the time we got down the block they’d landed.


We crossed the street and Sam pointed at them and yelled.


“Do you want the balloons?” “OKAY!” So I got them for him.

Turns out they’d been sinking instead of floating because they weren’t always just three balloons. There were another half dozen or so, popped, still attached. Not to mention approximately three miles of ribbon. We brought them home and I cut them off the tangle. They hung around on the ceiling for a day and then made their way down as the helium depleted.

I wonder whose party they escaped from.

4 thoughts on “What we were up to before I tried to break the camera (unsuccessfully, I’m happy to say)

  1. K

    April 20, 2009 at 5:12am

    That is so neat! Glad the camera is usable. And the balloons and their adventure are really neat!

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