Vintage Photo Friday: Here Comes The Bride


I never met my great-grandmother, Louise Froment. This is from her wedding to William North Runk in 1927. Sam’s middle name is William after him.


Here’s Grammy again, at her wedding to my grandpa Robert Arthur Lee in 1949.


Just for the heck of it, that one’s me in 2004. You’ve seen it before, I know, but I didn’t feel like looking for the CD with the files to find another one.

(I don’t seem to have any pictures of my mom’s wedding. Which is odd since I took them. Mom, if you want me to post one, please email!)

More vintage photos at Paper Dolls for Boys.

4 thoughts on “Vintage Photo Friday: Here Comes The Bride

  1. Natalie

    April 17, 2009 at 1:16pm

    Very beautiful brides!
    I love all the details of your Great Grandma’s photo. The flowers on the veil, her pearl necklace, and the way the light is hitting her face.

    Natalie’s last blog post..Vintage Photo Friday

  2. Dag

    April 17, 2009 at 7:59pm

    i keep scrolling up and down to compare – do people/family tell you that you have the lips of your great-grandmother? —beautiful photos, for sure!

    Dag’s last blog post..Vintage Photo Friday

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