Back in the Salad Again

Whoa. That weekend flew by! Remember last year when I blogged every single day? I’m glad I’m not doing that anymore. I’m exhausted as it is.

But Will told me last night that he checked for updates a dozen times yesterday and he was sad. So let’s see what I can throw up here before he gets to work this morning.

Scene One. Sunday afternoon. Will and his mom have been to Target, where she picked up a little set of Star Wars figures for Sam.

MIL: And here’s 3CPO.
Will: C3PO.
MIL: Yes, 3CPO.

This went on for–I’m not kidding–at least a full minute, and might have continued indefinitely had I not interjected to tell them they were funnier than Abbot & Costello.

Scene Two. This morning. Sam is sitting in front of Will’s computer, which is where he watches Star Wars, singing the Imperial March.

Me: Sam, do you want to watch Star Wars?
Sam: No.

Maybe you had to be there, but holy heck, was it funny.

One thought on “Back in the Salad Again

  1. oslowe

    March 24, 2009 at 9:32am

    the singing was awesome, because he was singing SO LOUDLY while playing with his R2, and then he was just like “No!” when you asked if he wanted to watch. Glad I WAS there.

    oslowe’s last blog post..A Cell of One’s Own

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