YouTube, we need to talk.

YouTube, I miss hot coffee. I mean, I really miss hot coffee. I had some, about ten minutes ago, but it has disappeared forever and there is some cold, coffee-like liquid in my mug in its place.

YouTube, when Will makes a play list of videos for Sammy, with lightsaber battles and Voltron clips and Queen videos, he does it because Sam loves to watch those things; when I press Play All on that play list, I do it so I can DRINK MY GODDAMN COFFEE WHILE IT IS HOT.

YouTube, your definition of ‘Play All’ does not bear much resemblance to mine. Perhaps it is unreasonable of me but I expect you to play all the videos in the play list. Not play two of them and then stop because surely that is enough. You know what two videos is enough for? It is enough for me to pour that coffee, to mix in the half-and-half, to sit down with my computer (the modern day newspaper, as you know, YouTube) and to take perhaps one sip before Sam gets bored because his play list has stopped. Do you know what Sam does when he is bored, YouTube? He climbs on me, preventing me from doing much of anything but especially from drinking my coffee.

YouTube, I am not a very nice person when I am not allowed to drink my coffee. I would like to be a nice person and you have the power to help me. So when I say play all, you will fucking play all from now on. Are we clear?

4 thoughts on “YouTube, we need to talk.

  1. ina

    December 6, 2008 at 5:16pm

    i know thats right..i hope you eventually got to drink your coffee…my daughter doesnt let me drink mine half the time so i know how you feel

  2. courtney

    December 6, 2008 at 5:42pm

    No one should ever eff with Coffee Time.

    *shakes fist at youtube*

    courtney’s last blog post..let it snow

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