#39. Choose Your Words.

Yes, this is my third post of the day. I apparently can’t stop blogging. I’d save this for tomorrow but it’s November which means that my every day posting habit has meaning for the next 30 days. I am going to attempt to write a post a day based on Margaret Mason’s book No One Cares What You Had For Lunch. I will use one of her writing prompts and probably also tell you what I had for lunch. Today’s post is a prompt I’ve used before, a 100 word story (only I do 55 words).

Jerry bought a fruta from the cart on the corner and ate it as he walked up the street. He stopped to help an old woman get her groceries off the bus. When he got to the end of the street he turned right, broke into the second house on the right, and robbed it.

The end. (I did not eat lunch today which caused blood sugar badness.)

3 thoughts on “#39. Choose Your Words.

  1. Cindy Lou

    November 2, 2008 at 6:21am

    This has nothing to do with this post….though I like your story VERY much.

    I just thought you’d like to know that my computer enjoys your blog so much that after I’ve come over for my daily read, the little avatar next to my blog name on my tool bar changes from the blogger “b” to your trademark circles. (I’m serious!) THAT’S how much influence you have. ;-D You change shit on other people’s computers without even knowing it or them know how it happens.

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  2. courtney

    November 2, 2008 at 12:32pm


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  3. tricia-rennea

    November 2, 2008 at 10:36pm

    You are an impressive writer. I want to hear more, are you going to continue this. I often start to write a story, but it never gets anywhere. Oh and thank you for stopping by my blog!

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