A Brief History

For Amanda and Swistle and anyone else who’s curious what’s going on in my head.

A couple of years ago I decided it would be OK to be paid for my writing on this site, and started using google ads. At first it was great — I made a month’s hosting fees in a single day (admittedly my hosting costs are very low). (And actually, that might have been when I was still on blogger, but in that case just call it domain registration fees.) But after the ads had been there for a while, people stopped clicking on them. Google’s advertisers were getting my readers’ eyes but I was getting no cash in exchange. Bullshit, I thought, so I took them down. I think I had them up for close to a year.

At some point I was contacted by the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas webring folks with an offer: $25 a month for a few text links. I took it, though I have to tell you I am pretty sure it destroyed my google page rank. The price seemed fair, though, and I don’t regret it at all. (Seriously, what do I need a page rank for?) That lasted about a year, too.

I signed up with BlogHer ads. I’d heard they were great and paid well, and I’d found an assessment tool on their site (which I can’t find now) that estimated how much my site would make. It said $175-250 per month, which sounded amazing. I assumed it would be about half that, because it was based on hits and I’m sure a lot of those are really robots, which wouldn’t be counted. Still sounded amazing. But I was really disappointed in the payout and the way it’s set up (though I have to say the people running it are some of the nicest ever, and it does seem to work for a lot of folks). I stuck with it because I liked meeting new people through the headlines feature and even $30 a month was helping.

But here’s the thing: I am worth more than a dollar a day, and I don’t feel like giving away advertising for that little. I’d rather do this for free because I love it (and I do) than undervalue myself. So I’m paying for my own hosting fees — there was a time not long ago that everyone did that. And I am not done with advertising for good, I am just done with advertising right now. (I left up the “ads” for my friends’ stores and causes. Those were put up originally because I wanted to offset how dirty I felt for having ads in the first place, but I think they’ll stay — though I reserve the right to start rotating them to take up less space.)

Besides, I don’t want to treat blogging as a business, and making money off it sometimes made it feel like a business. If I am going to run a business, this isn’t it. This is my online living room.

I’ve put up a donate button, but you know. It’s optional. I don’t charge people to come over.

One thought on “A Brief History

  1. Jenn

    November 1, 2008 at 12:49pm

    Well, I really appreciate you keeping my link up – not because I ever expect to necessarily get purchases, but because it is so sweet that so many of my friends have a link for my shop on their site. Does that make sense? And I’m so happy that over the past couple months I’ve been selling same-sex cards. I don’t make any profit off them, but it makes me happy to know that a happy gay day of mawwage is being celebrated with one of my cards passing into their hands.

    The moral of this ramble is that sometimes we do things just because we want to and the money side of it doesn’t really factor in all that much.


    Jenn’s last blog post..Posting means I’m not eating mini chocolate bars.

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