Probably not a comment on Star Wars. I hope.

When Sam was maybe six months old he fell asleep on the floor while watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars with Will.

This morning I just couldn’t wake up, so when Sam didn’t want to do anything but watch television I didn’t even pretend to offer alternatives. I did balk, though, when he wanted Lego: Star Wars, because what that really means is that he wants me to play video games and I was in no shape to do any such thing. So I offered Clone Wars.

The screaming fit that ensued was really very impressive. He cried. He tried to take the DVD box away from me, then tried to remove the disc from the player. He pulled at the doors of the TV stand. He shrieked, he wailed, he threw himself on the floor. Then the show started and he perked right up, like, “OH, hey! I love this movie!”

Little shit.

So he watched volume one and wanted more. I was still barely functional so I put in volume two while he threw a miniature version of his earlier fit. I gave him his mug of crackers and he settled in.

Half an hour later I went upstairs with some real food and he was fast asleep.

Doesn’t look very comfy but what do I know?

When I checked on him again, he’d rearranged himself. If I knew where the chalk was…

(He is alive, I swear!)

12 thoughts on “Probably not a comment on Star Wars. I hope.

  1. yojo

    June 4, 2008 at 3:54pm

    Dude, I can’t wait for the day when Sam realizes the value of proper neck support. Ouch!

    Actually, every time I see kids zonked-out in awkward positions I get horribly jealous of them because I can’t manage to sleep well in a comfy bed with pillows and darkness and everything.

    yojo’s last blog post..Figures

  2. Leone

    June 4, 2008 at 10:16pm

    what a cutie! I do the same thing when people try to make me watch the prequels to star wars. Now Return of the Jedi? I can’t be stopped from watching that. Seriously, he’s a cutie.

    Leone’s last blog post..All the Cheezy Song Titles Here

  3. Annika

    June 4, 2008 at 11:15pm

    Just to clarify – this was the AWESOME cartoon, NOT Attack of the Clones.

  4. ~Sheryl

    June 5, 2008 at 9:33am

    Hilarious! And also noteworthy… this is my favorite position for little boys… it means they are asleep and not getting into anything.

    ~Sheryl’s last blog post..Bad-ass

  5. Lucretia

    June 6, 2008 at 12:53pm

    Oh my goodness, this made me laugh.

    I love the “Little shit.” We call my sister “The Wee Shit”, (she is wilfully perverse – and 26 years old) so it resonated with me.

    Keep up the good work, both of you.

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