Just a quickie

Two items:

1. I am not receiving email. Well, I am receiving email, but not all of it. I don’t know what’s missing, because I haven’t received it, but it looks as though I am not getting anything that’s sent to any of my noirbettie.com addresses. I am looking into it. Well, OK. I am just hoping it will fix itself. In the meantime, if you have tried to get in touch with me in the last week or two and haven’t heard back, please try sending email to noirbettie at gmail.

2. There was no second item, but just posting about my email seemed so gratuitous. Um… er… Ooh, I know! Tell me a joke. (Please.)

6 thoughts on “Just a quickie

  1. Jaime

    May 30, 2008 at 3:39am

    A man walked into a bar.


    (sorry. it’s early)

    Jaime’s last blog post..I’m Free!!

  2. Cazzle

    June 2, 2008 at 2:33pm

    My favourite joke is… well, it’s beyond lame. It is probably the worst joke ever, hence its appeal.

    Prepare yourself:

    What’s brown and sticky?

    A Stick.


    ….Possibly I am Teh Biggest L0zer ever.

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