Music Memory

I wrote this for Stephanie and Alexa’s contest, and I liked it so much that I am reposting it.

The summer I turned 18 I spent the week of July 4th living in this little room in my friend Stefan’s apartment overlooking Tompkins Square Park while waiting for my summer sublet to be ready. I was literally in the building that Life Cafe is in, directly above it but several floors up. I would go downstairs and drink soy milk cappuccinos.

My best friend Lila would come over and we’d play Stefan’s David Bowie CDs. Stingy Lulu’s around the corner started carding so we’d just hang out and smoke cigarettes and listen to Bowie.

Every Bowie song on that album reminds me of that week, but the one that stops me in my tracks and absolutely blows me away every time is “Rebel, Rebel.” I can smell Lila when I hear it.

Lila’s not my best friend any more. We never had a falling out, just fell out of touch. I found out recently that she got married last month. I miss her so much.

3 thoughts on “Music Memory

  1. Uccellina

    May 17, 2008 at 2:32pm

    A new Life Cafe opened up in Bushwick two blocks from my loft in 2002. I used to go there almost every day.

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  2. Anne

    May 17, 2008 at 7:24pm

    It always amazes me how music can so fully take me back to a place or a time in my life – all of my senses are transported back immediately. Some songs more than others, and some songs require a bit of concentration, but it’s really so cool :)

    Unless it’s a sucky memory, then . . . well . . . then . . . it’s not as cool.

    Still wouldn’t change the way music affects me.

    Ok, now I’m going to get more wine and babble to my husband for a while ;)

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