I have seen Andrew Bird play live four times. The first time, Nora O’Connor was playing at the California Clipper, my favorite Chicago bar, and he accompanied her (on fiddle, of course). I got very drunk and made an ass of myself after the show. Let us not speak of it.

The second time was at the Hideout street festival two summers ago, where he performed with the Bowl Of Fire, including Nora and with back-up vocals by Kelly Hogan. (In your face, Beth-bitch!) I was standing right up against the stage, practically on top of the monitor.

The third time was, until last night, my favorite. It was crowded and horrible in [insert name of club], but Will was with me, at one of the few shows in Chicago that he was able to accompany me to.

Last night was divine. I’ve never seen Andrew solo before, though I’ve heard one of the songs before (two, actually, since one is a re-working of a Bowl of Fire song). The Derby is every bit as wonderful as it looks on film, and I wore a top that I’ve had for some time but never worn before. It was quite chilly, though, so I kept my jacket on. Perhaps it’s because I’m used to clubs in cities where smoking is allowed, but the air circulation in there was too good. Brrrr!

There was an odd moment entering the club, when tthe doorman checked our IDs and asked if we would ever hang out with a 19-year old. I said, without thinking, “Not on purpose,” and went in. I was being funny, as it obviously would depend on the 19-year old. It seemed to me that perhaps he was worried that we would buy drinks for underage patrons, but then I realized that they are strictly over-21. So I have no idea what he meant, and it is still bothering me.

I watched Pride & Prejudice today (the BBC/A&E production) and was quite pleased. I really must write about all of the movies I’ve seen lately.

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