After spending a frustrating period of time (about half an hour) with my dear friend The Calculator, I have come to the conclusion that we do not, in theory, spend more money each month than we bring in – this, of course, not including emergencies, which we do not have often. I have come to the further conclusion that a large portion of the trouble lies in the fact that the vast majority of our bills are due on the 1st of the month, putting us into overdraft if we wish to do anything rash like eat (actually, even if we skip food for the first half of the month). We go into overdraft before the mid-month paycheck, and half of that paycheck goes to overdraft fees. The only solution that I can think of for the time being (that is, until we work out a way to have a better income) is to prevail upon some of the companies we send money to every month to allow us to move our payment to the 15th. I have tried to change billing dates with telephone companies in the past with no luck whatsoever, but I am hopeful for the car insurance – surely if we were to make a one-time payment that covered more than a month, they would be amiable to the change. That, or they will laugh at us. We shall see.

In other news, something smells like gasoline and I am afraid to go check the grill. Will, come home now! (Please note that I am fairly certain it isn’t the grill, but not positive.)

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