Stepherz tagged me for this meme forever ago and I’ve had it sitting half-finished in my drafts this whole time.

2 things you compliment your husband on while in his presence:

  1. What a good Daddy he is. I’ve always known how good he is with kids, but I could never have imagined just how patient and loving and how much fun he is with Sam.
  2. What a good cook he’s become. He took over in the kitchen after Sam was born, when I was nursing nonstop and so very sick to boot. He’s gone from making a killer grilled cheese (and that being the extent of his repertoire) to balancing four burners plus the oven, making a meal complete with two proteins (one meat, one veg), without blinking.

2 compliments you give about your husband to others:

  1. He is a creative genius. There is always a story (or six) developing in his brain. I am so much in awe.
  2. He reads. This man loves to read. When he was at Big Movie Star’s company, reading six or seven scripts a day, he’d still come home and read a book. Just because.

2 Traits you married him for:

  1. Laughter.
  2. Friendship.

(I don’t think those need to be elaborated on)

2 days you cherished most being together with your husband:

  1. The night I went into labor with Sam.
  2. The day I found out my friend Susan had died (cancer, age 60) and he held me while I sobbed.

2 Material things you would give your husband if you inherited a fortune:

  1. A room of his own, filled with toys.
  2. A faster Vespa.

2 things you would miss most if he left for 2 weeks:

  1. Clean dishes.
  2. Him.

2 things that crossed your mind the first time you met your future husband:

  1. Who’s the suit?
  2. Oh, right, Will…he’s the one who likes movies.

I know — so romantic.

2 favorite dates:

  1. The first one, because it was the first.
  2. The last one, because it was the night before we had Sam.

2 funny, odd things you love about your husband:

Only two?

  1. He is an encyclopedia. Of character actors, of military organization and tactics, you name it.
  2. He can’t sleep with a shirt on. (I may get in trouble for that one!)

2 places you have lived with your husband:

  1. Pittsburgh, in a huge apartment that we loved in a scary building called The Morrowfield.
  2. Hillsdale, NY, on the second floor of an old farmhouse.

2 favorite vacations:

  1. Santa Barbara, April 2006.
  2. 29 Palms/Pioneertown, August 2006.

2 people to tag:

  1. Uccellina
  2. Sachi

4 thoughts on “two

  1. Nell

    May 22, 2007 at 6:40am

    When did you live in Hillsdale? And why do I not remember it? That’s like 20 minutes from me, I don’t understand how this happened….

    Also, many of your answers remind me of Steve, my Steve. And actually, we also lived in HIllsdale, NY last year before we bought this house. Weird. Sounds like you found a great one!

  2. Annika

    May 22, 2007 at 8:16am

    We lived in Hillsdale in 1999-2000. I know we came into Great Barrington a couple times and I think we ran into you once but I really don’t remember why we didn’t see more of each other.

  3. sachi

    May 22, 2007 at 12:56pm

    Dude! M is a keeper of weird knowledge as well. Specifically, military info and character actor stuff. *grin*

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