Sewing round-up

Yesterday (or the day before? Who remembers that far back?) I was feeling bad because it seems like I’ve had a super unproductive couple of weeks. But then I looked in my closet, which we spent the whole weekend cleaning and reorganizing (it’s the only closet, so it’s shared by four people + all our holiday decorations) and I realized that I’m really close to my goal of a handmade wardrobe. Like. REALLY close!


So I started working on a wardrobe/sewing plan. I haven’t found a digital tool (maybe you can recommend something?) so I started sketching.


I have plans for tops, pants, and linen coveralls. I have FOUR more Dress no. 2s in various stages of making, because it’s my favorite. All I need to buy is undergarments, and frankly, I might start making those, too.

image. image.

image. image

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