Things I’ve Crowdsourced Today

1. I’m making a chapbook, and I need a way to mail it. It will be 8×8 so I figured the best option would be an 8.5″ square envelope. Of course I can’t find an eco-friendly option, but I did find some relatively well-priced options. So do I want white, red, or brown paper bag? White is the cheapest and paper bag is the priciest.


Images are from Twitter voted unanimously for red. What do you think?

2. We’re planning to spend our tax return getting a few new pieces of furniture to round out the sad selection of seating in our living room. WE NEED A SOFA. Well, a loveseat, since the space isn’t wide enough for a full-sized sofa. I’m thinking we’ll get the Ikea Ektorp. It’s cheap, comfortable, and not hideous. But what color cover? The beige/off-white is $100 less than the other options, but it’s also OFF-WHITE. At least it’s washable.


I like the red stripes, but I guess I should consider the rest of the room? We have a red TV stand and a lot of turquoise in the room, and I am buying this no matter what couch we pick:
strandmon yellow
3. We also need a rug. The wall-to-wall carpeting is getting pretty nasty. I want something bright and geometric, so of course I love this one:
The price is right ($69 for 5×7 or $129 for 6×11), unlike this beauty:
$300, totally perfect in every way but budget.

4. I have seven (!!) credits for patterns from Seamwork Magazine. Can you help me choose which ones to get? I already have Astoria, Camden, and York.

5. I need jeans. I would like mid-rise, straight leg, and as little stretch as possible. They need to be comfortable and make me feel cute. I realize I am asking for a unicorn but I BELIEVE THEY EXIST. Jeans, not unicorns. I asked Erin Lynn Hodges and she suggested Gap.

5a. I would also like to get a field vest like this one, but preferably somewhere local (LL Bean doesn’t have stores in California). Also I would not be sad if it cost less but that’s negotiable for quality.


Please be my personal shopper.

2 thoughts on “Things I’ve Crowdsourced Today

  1. mArina

    March 5, 2016 at 3:07pm

    USPS has free mailing envelopes.

    • Annika

      March 5, 2016 at 3:08pm

      Do…I seem not so bright? Of course they do. For priority/express mail only, and not in the size and shape I need.

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