horror movies I’ve fallen asleep watching lately

So far in October, Will and I have watched: bride1

Bride of Frankenstein
Oh god, I love Elsa Lanchester so much in this movie. She needed about one thousand percent more screentime. At right (click to enlarge) is a wonderful interview with her.

The Wolfman (2010)
I loved how lovingly this film payed homage to the original, but my goodness, the daddy story was unnecessary. Del Toro’s performance was so understated he may as well have been asleep.

I hadn’t seen this movie in 22 years and I was nervous. It is remarkable–so good, except for the extremely problematic (and typically 1950s) approach to psychological issues. Wow, the first half hour! It’s a crime caper! I had no memory of that.

Dracula’s Daughter
I loved the first ten minutes of this movie. LOVED them. Then I fell into a trance. Or, like, asleep.

Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein
I may or may not have also fallen asleep during this one. I think I made it a whole 30 minutes. Sam offered to watch it again the next morning, for my sake, so it must have been funny.

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