13 Years

I’ve been blogging for, um, a while. I guess it’s even longer if you count my manually updated website from 2001, but let’s call it 13 years since that’s what I have archives of.

Every year when I have to pay my hosting fees and renew my domain names I think about throwing it all out and starting over, but I don’t like the throwing it all out part, however appealing a fresh start may be. So I keep plodding along, blogging less and less frequently. It’s bumming me out.

This is not a farewell post. I intend to keep blogging. But.

I am also starting a new thing. I’ve signed up for TinyLetter and am sending out emails about writing. (P.S. I am writing again.) If you’d like to get those emails, sign up here: tinyletter.com/noirbettie


One thought on “13 Years

  1. Kalliste

    August 30, 2015 at 2:07am

    If you weren’t sure you wanted to continue with your blog you could always save a copy of your database and then upload it at a later date if you decided you wanted to keep it/look at it all again.
    Kalliste´s last post ..Health and Fitness Update #3 – August 2015

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