In Which I Spend Too Much Money

On Thursday I made my mechanic laugh when I called him and said my car was making an “alarming noise.” On Friday I paid $236 for new brake pads and rotors. He showed me the old ones, worn bare; it was terrifying. Since we didn’t actually have $236, groceries are going to be super interesting for the next few weeks.

Then Saturday was Free Comic Book Day.


Sam paid for most of these (the non-free ones) with his own cash money, but I absolutely bought that Ms Marvel collection and an issue of Lil Gotham for Grace (who didn’t have any money). Since comic book stores pay for the free comics, it only seemed right to support House of Secrets.

And since I was on a roll, I went ahead and did this today:


(The image is flipped, so you’re seeing what I see in the mirror. I think that’s pretty cool.)

And now I am going to stop spending money indefinitely.

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