It’s really happening!

When you plan something for a long time, it can stop feeling like it will ever actually happen. So each time I manage to actually complete something for my handmade wardrobe, I feel like I just beat the system and also won the lottery.


I bought this fabric at Birch in June 2010. It was really hard to finally cut into it. What if I fucked up?!

Spoiler, I did not fuck up. Even though I made changes to the pattern that I had not actually tried in my muslin. Because I am a crazy mofo.

One thing I did do in the muslin, which I haven’t yet done with the top, is darts in the back to accommodate my small waist. I cut the pattern pieces a bit narrower and took out some length in the waist, which seems to have maybe done the trick! I will give it a few wearings–darts will be very easy to add later if I feel like they are needed.

So, my first Simplicity 3835, a pattern I’ve been meaning to fill my wardrobe with for many, many years, is DONE. (Probably.)

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