I do what I want.

I think I mentioned (once or possible a thousand times) that I found a jean jacket that fits me perfectly. This is an absolute miracle, since they usually blouse out at the back and STILL don’t properly cover my chest. I am very excited.


I’ve been collecting patches for approximately ever. Or 20 years. Whichever is longer. This is nowhere close to all of them, but it’s the ones that jumped out at me as jean jacket appropriate. I had already ironed on a Nostromo patch from the Aliens pack I bought for Will (he insisted that I have one).


I pinned them on, then freaked out a little, because aren’t patches supposed to be added one at a time? WAS I JUST TRYING TO BE COOL? But then I was like, wait. 1) I don’t have to try. 2) I’ve been adding them one at a time for 20 years. I just didn’t have the jacket.

Then I discovered that iron-on patches are the actual literal worst thing on earth. The thick ones can’t be attached with a home iron, and the old ones don’t stick very well. So I have to also sew them all on. Yay.

But it’s going to be super great! Pictures if I ever finish it.

P.S. I totes need a Hufflepuff patch.

One thought on “I do what I want.

  1. Di

    February 5, 2015 at 11:33am

    It’s totally cheating, but they make this stuff for military badges and scout uniforms – badge magic. It’s super-sticky double-stick tape. LOVE IT (Just a suggestion)

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