xmas time is here (and gone again)


When Sam saw his new pirate ship, which we had told him was really expensive when he admired it at TRU (it is really expensive), he shouted, “Aww, you had enough money! Thanks!” and we both cried. Because we want our children to understand that money isn’t infinite, but, you know. He is eight. We don’t want him worrying about it, either.


This is what Sammy picked out for me (the knotted one). He also gave me earrings that I failed to get a photo of.


Grace thinks I am as cool as Lily Munster. <3 <3 <3


Will found an ALIEN t-shirt with the original poster on it (just the top part). He gave me some other stuff too but I am really excited about the shirt.


I took some of my Christmas cash to Old Navy to buy jeans and spotted a rack of jean jackets. I have wanted one for years, but once they are big enough to fit my chest, they’re loose in the shoulders and billow out in back. BUT NOT THIS ONE. I assume it is made of sorcery and fairy dust.

We gave Gracie a razor scooter of her very own, and both kids a few smaller things (video games, books, Anna and Elsa dolls). Our families and friends gave us all nice things. Now we are gearing up for Grace to turn FIVE tomorrow. We got her a booster seat, because she has all but outgrown her carseat, and an art box just like the one she bought for her friend Viv and keeps saying, “I wish I had one…” Will and Sam are out right now so Sam can buy her a gift.

Time is moving really fast. And yet my Docs are still nowhere near broken in.


My favorite page from my favorite Christmas book, and an apt description of me 75% of the time. (The other 25% of the time I am sleeping.)

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  1. Stephanie

    December 28, 2014 at 9:59pm

    Merry Christmas! And Happy Birthday to Grace! Who I am pretty sure is not turning five. Pretty sure that was a lie. Or a mistake. I know I forget how old my kids are all the time! You meant two, right?

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