We had a little party on Saturday to celebrate our ten year anniversary. As a result, the apartment is super clean and we have a ton of leftover s’mores fixings. OH DARN.

lily munster

Watching: I won’t lie, having Gilmore Girls on Netflix is a real impediment to my watching anything else on earth, but yesterday we started watching The Munsters with the kids and OMG THEY LOVE IT. Especially Sam. I’m not sure when he last took to something this quickly or strongly.

Reading: I’ve been too tired to read at night, and it’s been too loud during the day. I need to figure out a solution to this, since not reading isn’t an option. At least we are still reading our October book.

Making: nothing Halloweenie at the moment (waiting for an orange dress I ordered for G to arrive so I can foxify it), but I am SO CLOSE to finishing the cardigan I started, um, two years ago? Which is definitely autumnal, and therefore appropriate. I knitted an entire sleeve yesterday and only stopped because my stitch count was off at the cuff and I wasn’t going to deal with that until tomorrow. Which is today, so I guess I should count stitches after I finish my coffee.

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