Not much to report.


Watching: Friday night we didn’t watch anything, because it was our gaming night. Last night we watched Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (also on Netflix!), and it was wonderful. (I maaaaaaaay have fallen asleep near the end, but that was not a reflection on the movie! I swear! I’m just so tired.)

Reading: I stopped by the library yesterday afternoon and picked up a copy of The Restless Dead, a horror anthology with a majority of lady authors that I am very excited to read. I will report back.


Making: after playing musical chairs with the needles for all of my current knitting projects, I am working on the foxy hat. Grace has given me very clear directions on how the rest of the costume is to look (white belly, white and red tail, red everywhere else) so I will be essentially recreating her wolf costume from two years ago, in different colors.

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