Things We Got Done Yesterday (Part One)

Most of the time (like, 85% maybe?) I am a hot mess. But every so often I buckle down and get shit done.

Since we rearranged our apartment, I have been trying to figure out how to make the most of my sewing area, which is basically a hallway between the stairs and our bed.

This is basically what I had to work with:

sewing side

Kind of a mess. (Also a shitty photo taken in bad lighting. Sorry.) In that space, from far to near: filing cabinet, which may eventually serve as additional storage for large sewing supplies such as poly-fil; sewing table (that’s my sewing machine to the left of my coffee, under an excellent fabric cover I made); fabric shelf, originally used for diaper storage when Grace was a baby; pile of stuff to deal with including knitting pattern samples and approximately one million buttons); also a yellow bucket overflowing with fabric scraps and my garment steamer.

The fabric shelves and the various piles under the sewing table are full of unused fabric, unfinished projects, and old items to take apart for reusing fabric. Also I think there is some mending in there. I don’t know because I can’t get at it.

Most of my sewing notions (scissors, thread, measuring tapes) are downstairs. Which obviously doesn’t work. A skater posted to the roller derby boards that she had some furniture to sell, including a super-cute nightstand with some drawers. It was only a foot wide so I grabbed it up (and she gave it to me for free, just for taking it off her hands!) and put it next to the sewing table to hold some of those things.

I also hung some storage.

Will drilled holes in Mason jar lids and screwed them onto the underside of a shelf.

He hung the shelf and I put some stuff on it.

I hung an Ikea bucket thingy (I have no idea what to call it) and some pictures.

With Sam and Grace’s help, I sorted all of my buttons by color and stored them in the jars.

I still need to sort the notions from downstairs into the buckets and the nightstand. And I need another way to store the stuff I rarely use, like pattern samples. Maybe once I get rid of my old skinny clothes I can store them under our bed.

And then I need to start working through the project backlog. Yikes.

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