Customer Service, or something like it.

I took the children to a museum recently, and we shared a grilled cheese sandwich at the cafe. I found a bit of hair in the very last bite, and could see in the kitchen that everyone had short hair, but no head coverings. I brought the plate up to the counter and let them know, pointing out that bandannas would be helpful. (I think it’s against the law to have uncovered heads in a professional kitchen, but I’m not positive.) They didn’t seem at all interested in my feedback, but insisted on refunding me the price of the sandwich. Which was nice, and the right thing to do, but I hadn’t asked for it. I wanted change and they wanted an easy fix. I was disappointed.

On Saturday I ordered pizza for dinner from our local pizzeria, and when it arrived the pies were practically folded in half, clearly the result of being carried on end. I called the shop to let them know that they might want to tell the driver to be more careful. They immediately offered to send replacement pies. I refused, which shocked the young man on the phone. Like, he literally couldn’t understand that I didn’t want new pizza. Since only one slice out of 16 had lost its toppings, I thought replacing them was pointless and wasteful. I just wanted the driver to do his job. I wanted change and they wanted an easy fix.

Is this just how customer service is done now?

One thought on “Customer Service, or something like it.

  1. MsB

    July 15, 2014 at 8:39am

    From my experience in customer service, yes customers want an easy and quick fix, with a side of begging for forgiveness while they berate you. Most of the time we don’t mind replacing our defective product and it’s the least we can do, accidents happen (your driver could have tripped etc, etc) it’s the 2nd part that wears a lot out. Sadly to a point where they just don’t care anymore and and it’s easier to just replace and placate the customer than push for any real fixes or change.

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