Morning people

You know what’s fun (and for “fun,” you should substitute absolutely any other word)?

Having a kid who is as crabby as I am in the morning.

Grace takes after her father. They both have the uncanny ability to brain immediately after waking (shut up, “brain” is too a verb), a talent that eludes me. It seems that Sam has inherited my level of functionality. He does not (yet) tackle the problem with gallons of caffeine, as I do. On a good morning, he simply stays in bed until he feels capable of facing the day. On a bad day, though.

Today Grace decided, almost immediately on waking, to play with her Playmobil family. She’s been setting up her dollhouse for them.

“Mom, will you play with me?”

“After I drink my coffee,” I tell her, guilt eating at my stomach lining. (Okay, guilt and strong black coffee.)

So she plays by herself until Sam stumbles out of the bedroom, yawning (he’s been awake for at least 20 minutes at this point), and collapses into a chair.

“Sam!” Her bright eyes turn to him like he is her favorite person on earth–which he is. “Will you play with me?”

“Ugh, Gracie. I don’t want to play.”

And just like that, everyone’s morning goes to shit.

And because I recognize in him my own failing, I have to work extra hard to keep from exploding with anger at him. Why can’t he just be nice to her? I know the answer, but I want him to hold it together in the morning, the way I often cannot.

2 thoughts on “Morning people

  1. oslowe

    April 14, 2014 at 11:31am

    This is a great entry. And it makes me so annoyed that I can’t be there every morning to play with her. We need to win the lottery.

  2. Julia

    April 22, 2014 at 4:44pm

    I hear you. You and Kurt and Sam could meet later for lunch. Harper and Grace and I would have a lovely early breakfast, then meet you guys later for lunch. I’m a totes morning person. Not sure if it was nature or nurture. I guess I never wanted to miss out on anything so I was always up and at ’em. But don’t ask me to stay up too late.
    Julia´s last post ..A Lot Of Firsts

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