I was still in bed this morning when Sam brought me an orange balloon and asked me to blow it up for him, which I did.

Later, he was playing a game of Don’t Let The Balloon Touch The Floor and I told him he needed to stop because it was turning into a game of Hit The Balloon Into Mom’s Face.

Later still, when I’d had some coffee, he asked if he might play with his balloon again. I said yes, and he did, and he had a good long run of keeping it in the air before it landed on me.

“Oh, why am I not good at this?!” he cried in frustration. “I guess I will not be a balloon thrower, after all!”

One thought on “Balloonist

  1. Wendryn

    March 28, 2014 at 8:01pm

    Xander said to pass on this, um, nugget of wisdom: “Tell him that’s okay. He can still juggle knives.” I wonder how much balloon throwing pays? :)

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