Love & Marriage & Food

Sixteen years ago today(ish), I went to check my mail at the campus mailroom and ran into my friend Hilary. She was talking to a man in a tie, who I assumed was a teacher until she introduced him as her friend Will. So, that was a pretty good day.


Yesterday was Will’s 39th birthday. Since he spent most of his Christmas money on practical stuff, we went to the toy store to spend his birthday money, and came home with a bunch of Western Playmobil. Then I made the pretzels you see above. I used this recipe and they were SO GOOD OMG. I used kosher salt because it’s what I had on hand but I think they would be even better with coarse sea salt. (I might buy some and find out. Like, today.)

For dinner I made the best mashed potatoes I have ever made (four large-ish yellow potatoes, skins on, boiled; mix with a little of the cooking liquid, half a cup of sour cream, half a stick of butter, and salt), caramelized Brussels sprouts with shallots (slice both thin, cook in olive oil with salt, pepper, and a pinch of brown sugar), macaroni and cheese (frozen from Trader Joe’s, shut up it is really good), and a steak for the birthday boy, pan fried and covered with mushrooms sauteed in butter with a splash of red wine. The children had macaroni (plain) and sausage, because they have unimaginative palates.

Will and I have reached the point in our marriage where the main thing we disagree about is whether the heat should be on. (YES. IT SHOULD. You are warm enough BECAUSE IT TURNS ON when the temperature goes below 64.) Wait, I shouldn’t have led with that.

What I mean to say is we like each other a lot. I am super-glad he was born.

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  1. CosmicAvatar

    January 19, 2014 at 6:25am

    That food sounds DELISH. I want some right now. (My other half has very sensibly said that I should not make the pretzels.)

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