Year-End Review

Movies seen: zero. (I saw about five minutes of Epic while Sam and Grace were watching it. Also The Wizard of Oz was re-released and I totally watched it this year, but I don’t think it counts.)

Books read: Eleanor & Park, Fangirl, Rose Under Fire, Removed, and Released.

(Obviously I watched other movies and read other books, but my current releases consumption of both is horribly low.)

Knitting patterns published: Ginger, Dorothy, Anatidae, Wonder-ific!, Paw Print Cardi, A Little Night Magic, and Fission. Only five self-published, which is way below my hopes. I have several ready to go except for photography, several others in various stages of preparation (including two that are written and edited but not knitted), and even more still in my head. My unofficial business goal for 2014 is to publish more, including a few e-books and maybe my first (second) adult sweater. I also miiiiiight finally write my book proposal, which is not the same book proposal I’ve talked about here before (someone else wrote that book out from under me, because there are no new ideas).

Travel: Shockingly, we travelled twice this year (not including day trips). In August we visited Will’s family in Maryland, and in October the children and I spent two weeks in New York with mine.

Other interests: Oh, I also did some roller derby. I started taking classes to be a referee in February, and after our Champs game in December I was drafted to the Enforcers. So that’s pretty fucking awesome. I will be working the first game of the year, a Babydoll Brawl featuring fresh meat skaters, as the Penalty Tracker.

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    • Annika

      December 31, 2013 at 1:51pm

      Happy New Year to you, too! (P.S. Technically, I haven’t finished reading Released. But I had to include it! After all, I did read the earlier version.)

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