Doomsday Knits: Fission

Nuclear Fission (splitting the atom): In nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry, nuclear fission is either a nuclear reaction or a radioactive decay process in which the nucleus of a particle splits into smaller parts (lighter nuclei).


If you are a knitter or survival enthusiast, you may already be aware that Alexandra Tinsley has a book coming out with Cooperative Press next month titled Doomsday Knits: Projects for the Apocalypse and After.

What you might not have known until just now is that I have a pattern in the book.


Fission is a fingerless mitt pattern that will keep you warm in the nuclear winter. The fabric background suggests corrugated iron. Cables travel across the back of the hand, come together, and then split. (Get it? Fission.) The cables end in i-cord ties.

See them on Ravelry.

I didn’t originally design these for the apocalypse. In fact, I originally intended them to be kinda steampunky. I came up with the idea in response to a call for submissions for a steampunk knitting collection, but it didn’t quite fit there.

I considered a few other possible homes for the pattern before deciding to self-publish. Beth at Lorna’s Laces kindly supplied yarn for me, and I had gotten as far as a preliminary chart when Alex put out the submissions call for Doomsday Knits. I couldn’t resist, and threw together a quick proposal. Lucky for me, she saw the same potential I did, so I knitted the gloves and sent them off for photography. (I think you will agree that photographer Vivian Aubrey did an AMAZING job!)

IMG_4564 (1)

See the rest of the Doomvember blog posts! There is a list here, and you can see yesterday’s post, about the gorgeous green hat that appears above, here. The book will be available next month–more information here.

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