13 in 13 update

I…have I blogged about any of the shawls I’ve knitted this year? I don’t think I have. How careless of me.

Well, I did show you Mandi’s shawl. Here it is again, to refresh your memory:
catkinCatkin by Carina Spencer

I also knitted a cowl, which I do not have a good picture of. Here, make do with this mediocre blocking shot:
biscuit-blocking-cropBiscuit by Bonnie Sennott

I did a little Veera knit-along with some Twitter friends in the spring:
play-unblockedPlay by Veera Valimaki

Remember when I asked you about the yellow yarn? I chose:
paralucia56Paralucia by verybusymonkey

But I also knitted Coast Starlight, with yarn that has actual starlight in it (okay, stellina), for my best friend Katherine:
Coast Starlight

And I made a going away present for my friend Leah:
graphic03aGraphic Kerchief by Ce Persiano

You know, I am just now realizing that I’m at a rate of 50% giving my knitting away. Hmm. Hmmmmm. I am impulse casting on Jennifer Dassau’s new pattern, Phi, in an effort to correct this. Or because I have zero self-control and it is PRETTY.

2 thoughts on “13 in 13 update

  1. Leah

    October 25, 2013 at 3:23pm

    Dude! I love my shawl. Now that it is getting chilly, it’s in FULL EFFECT.

    (just now finally catching up on your blog posts…)

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