A Day In The Life

My Twitter friend Francesca issued a photo challenge to take a photo an hour (or more!) all day yesterday. These are mine:

8:04am breakfast.
8-04 breakfast

9:21am software update.
9-21 software update

10:23am headed out.
10-23 headed out

10:23am time to go.
10-23 time to go

11:27am waiting room.
11-27 waiting room

12:10pm Whole Foods.
12-10 whole foods

1:06pm Angelus Plaza.
1-06 angelus

2:36pm sitting down.
2-36 sitting down

3:22pm organizational hell.
3-22 organization hell

3:22pm eff this shite.
3-22 eff this shite

4:34pm sneakers.
4-34 sneakers

5:10pm Motor Gate 1.
5-10 Motor Gate 1

6:00pm car knitting.
6-00 car knitting

7:33pm Sam’s popcorn.
7-33 Sam's popcorn

8:07pm bedtime.
8-07 bedtime

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