I just fell asleep in my chair.

So, a thing that I cannot really recommend doing, and yet wholeheartedly recommend doing, is officiating a three day roller derby tournament.

I worked six games over the three days, and I kind of feel like I am going to die.

I also have not had that much fun, like, ever.

I missed my family like crazy, though that was slightly lessened on the final day when I had the bright idea to have Will bring Sam and Grace to watch. They came with me in the morning and we watched the Juniors championship together. Then they went home for lunch and I got ready for my last bout of the weekend. When it was over and I exited the track, a little voice called, “Mom!” and a little arm went around me and there was Sam! It was the best.

Grace wants to “roller skate like the derby dolls.” She says, “I skate and I skate and I skate and I fall down and I get up and I skate.” So, you know, she totally gets it! Of course it’s basically impossible to find any real skates that are small enough for her. I mean, for less than like $200. I found those in her size. Sigh.

Anyway. Roller derby! Yay!

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