Sam at Seven

So, Sam turned seven. I don’t really understand how that’s possible–but I also can’t really imagine how he’s still just a little kid, when I have known him forever.


Sam is a consumer.

I don’t mean that in the sense of purchasing merchandise, but he also does that. He’s been getting an allowance for several months and he saves it for the things he wants.

What I mean, though, is that he consumes television, video games, books…he watches, plays, and lives in other worlds. He recreates ideas from media with his toys–his many, many Imaginext toys become not only Batman and friends but Transformers (Hal Jordan is Optimus Prime; Kilowog is Bumblebee; Catwoman is Arcee) or whatever else Sam is interested in.


His favorite colors are blue and yellow. He always chooses the blue or yellow game piece when we play a board game. Oh, how he loves board games! For his birthday we gave him Catan Junior, which is not only a super-fun game but is also pirate-themed! Pirates are one of his longest-running interests, after Star Wars and Superheroes.

He loves to run in circles, play ball, and ride any and all wheeled conveyances. He has totally mastered his wheel shoes, can ride his freewheeel scooter in circles around you, and is ready for us to put the pedals on his bike. He plays tag and red light green light and an assortment of other playground games that as far as I can tell no one ever actually taught him.


He loves to play with his sister. He loves Calvin and Hobbes. He loves Mario, Luigi, and everyone else in Nintendoland. He likes ice cream and cookies but is still fairly unimpressed by cake and all other sweets. (He had an ice cream cake for his birthday.)

He has BIG emotions. Very big. As happens every year, I have had to remind myself that his period of disequilibrium happens in the months surrounding his birthday every year. (Remember 23 months? I don’t, but I guess that happens when you’re sleep deprived.)


I don’t always understand him, but I love him so, so much.

3 thoughts on “Sam at Seven

  1. Ewokmama

    May 30, 2013 at 4:19pm

    Sam is awesome. Happy birthday to you guys! Now I want to bring Jack down there with me so we can all play Catan Jr!!
    Ewokmama´s last post ..Our Camp Okizu Trip

    • Annika

      May 30, 2013 at 4:20pm

      That would be so awesome! We are hoping to be up your way in September for a wedding, if I can get out of a conflicting engagement here.

  2. ~zandra~

    June 3, 2013 at 7:58am

    Happy Birthday to Sam! I love your description of him, he sounds like a lovely, fun, and interesting little boy!
    ~zandra~´s last post ..catch-22

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